The Transformers Allspark Blaster Bumblebee (also known as the Plasma Gun) is a blaster made in 2008 by Hasbro, that (when modified by GunVsGun) fires a plasma beam.

Characteristics Edit

The Plasma Gun has a yellow glow and makes a somewhat hissing sound when activated. It is capable of vaporising a person into bare bones and blood, and eating through the layer of one storey of the House.

The Plasma Gun is apparently very quiet as Tommy was totally oblivious to its firing, despite it easily burning holes through the house's ceiling/floor and firing mere metres from his body.

GVG Plasma Gun

"Danny came prepared for this game today!"

Appearances Edit

The Plasma Gun's debut (and currently only appearance) is on the GunVsGun episode "PLASMA Gun". It was employed by Danny to kill Tommy because the latter had taken Danny's Halloween candies without his permission.

Trivia Edit

  • The Allspark Blaster is apparently not a NERF product; in the process of using it, Danny violated the "Nerf or Nuthin'" rule he has occasionally referenced in Nerf wars.