The GunVsGun House is the generic setting in which most GunVsGun battles take place. It is the residential abode for both Tommy and Danny, as well as the children. There have been two houses that GunVsGun has taken place in.

The First House Edit

GVG first house

The first house was the initial home of Danny and Tommy, as well as the children. This house contained two floors, a garage, at least two bathrooms, two kitchens and a backyard.

It is revealed by Danny Gun in "GunVsGun Origins" that Danny had obtained the keys to the house on October 5th, 2010. Danny mentions that this house was his first self-owned home.

In most episodes, Danny is shown to have control over the upper storey of the house (with the kids apparently living there too), with Tommy maintaining dominance over the ground floor. It is stipulated by Tommy that one reason for Tommy's choice was that "it's too bright" in the upper floor.

In certain episodes, the house was also laced with a security camera ("spycams") which were placed by Danny Gun to monitor and prove Tommy's covert misbehavior, such as stealing Danny's cereal. This was met with violent objection from Tommy who easily found the concealed cameras and subsequently destroyed them.

The house was revealed to have been put on sale in the GunVsGun episode "Vortex Diatron vs Vigilon Nerf War!", as well as "Gun Vs Gun House on Sale" on Danny's own channel, sometime in February 2014. Following this, there were several concerted efforts by Tommy to destroy the house (or at least, severely damage it), presumably because he believed if he couldn't live there, "no one can!".

It also revealed that Danny intended to sell the house due to the extensive reparations which were necessarily made due to the sheer damage caused by his Nerf wars, with the house so fragile the walls would crumble at a touch (although this was possibly mostly rhetoric by Danny). Along with this, Danny wanted to abandon Tommy "out on the streets: due to his violent shenanigans (according to Danny, "his B.S.") and his lack of rent-payment.

It is insinuated that the house was permanently destroyed in "Nerf War: Gatling Gun" by Tommy as Danny mentioned his dealings with lawyers in the following episode, creating potential complications with its new owners. Tommy had placed a large 'globe' bomb which was preset to explode.

The Second House Edit

GVG House C

The second house is the current abode of Danny, Tommy and the children.

This "brand new" house contained at least two floors, five rooms (with a kids' playroom and office), a garage, a two-bedroom basement and was at least 4000 ft2 large.

Danny Gun first announced the decision of the new house (earlier dubbed "House C") in "The Decision". The house debuted in "Nerf War: SHOTGUN vs SHOTGUN!".

The debut of the house marked a role reversal within the Gun Bros.. Tommy's "shotgun" of the master bedroom means he currently maintains control over the upper floor. A common theme in newer episodes is Tommy's penchant for hosting prostitutes in his new bedroom. Danny's attempts in "Nerf Mega THUNDERBOW Unboxing and Review" to move Tommy into the basement (even furnishing it exactly like in the first house) proved futile as Tommy snapped his neck.

The theme of Danny's paranoid security is also prevalent in the new house, being a source of consternation to Tommy in "NERF SPY WAR!".

Trivia Edit

  • Both houses are apparently situated in Canada.
  • Both houses are situated in Port Coquitlam in British Columbia.jjjjj