{{Weapon Infobox
   | name     = Nerf Plasma Gun
   | image    =
   | Introduction & Production Date = PLASMA Gun
   | Manufacturer = Presumably Nerf
   | ammotype = Energy Cell
Plasma Gun
Introduced & Produced: Unknown
Manufacturer: Presumably Nerf
Ammunition Type: Energy Cell
Feed System: Unlimited Energy Bolts
Type: Semi Auto
Secondary Fire: None
Accessories: Pop-up blast shield to protect the fingers from the plasma
Appearances: PLASMA Gun

  | magazine = Unlimited
   | type     = Presumably Semi-Auto
   | secondary fire =
   | accessories =
   | appearances   = When activated, energy cell glows orange

The Plasma Gun makes its first (and so far, the only) appearance in the aptly named episode PLASMA Gun where Danny kills Tommy with it.

Characteristics Edit

The Plasma Gun is a very powerful weapon capable of penetrating the ceiling and the floor of the new Gun house. Tommy was upstairs and, when hit, disintegrated into nothing but bones. It most likely has the most devastating effect of all handheld weapons in the Gun Bros' armory.


At first, Tommy steals candy hidden in one of the two laundry machines, the other of which contains this powerful gun. Tommy was upstairs preparing to do something with his strippers when Danny grabs this gun and fires through the ceiling, missing the first several shots but hits the last, turning Tommy into a pile of bones.