"Nerf War: NEWBS MUST DIE!" is one of the many installments in GunVsGun's "Brutal Nerf Wars" series. It is one of the many episodes which shows Tommy's rage when it comes to not having access to porn websites.


While Danny is changing the locks for the master bedroom, Tommy goes downstairs, with Danny's credit card, while attempting to go in a porn website. While he managed to enter all the credit card info correctly, the website denied Tommy access because he apparently "spent $25,000 last night at the strip club". Then, after failing to keep himself calm, Tommy gives Danny a phone call, and it goes like this:

Danny: I heard your screams downstairs, you out of pizza?

Tommy: Your credit card's broken!

Danny: My credit card? *searches wallet* Dammit Tommy, where's my credit card?

Tommy: What does it matter? It's USELESS!

Danny: Listen man, it's got 25 thousand dollars LIMIT, and I barely use it, so... I don't see what the problem is.

Tommy: Oh, so that's why.

Danny: Wait, so you spent 25 thousand DOLLARS?!

Tommy: Yeah, last night at the strip club.

Danny: TOMMY!

Tommy: You listen and you listen good. I've put up with a lot of your crap, like having to look at your face, but this, is the last straw. *hangs up*

Then, in rage, Tommy grabs a Strongarm and goes upstairs. Danny, with only a Jolt, tries to escape, but is then cornered by Tommy. Then, losing his self-control, Danny accidentally fires his gun, with no ammo left. Then, after Danny tries to get Tommy to relax, Tommy shoots Danny in both of his knees and his gut, before executing him with a head shot.

Nerf Blasters UsedEdit