The Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire is a blaster made by Nerf in 2014, under its Super Soaker series.

GVG Freezefire

Characteristics Edit

The Freezefire is supposedly an illegally modded Nerf blaster that flash freezes victims "for about a minute or so". It has even demonstrated the ability to freeze muzzle flares.

Appearances Edit

The Freezefire so far has only appeared in the GunVsGun episode "FREEZE Gun". It was employed by Danny to flash freeze Tommy after momentarily distracting him by directing him to "naked bewbs". While flash frozen, Tommy's body was smashed to rubble after Danny decimated it with a Nerf Firevision Sports Baseball Bat. It has also been used by Danny and his kids to freeze Devil Dude, also known as baby gun.