The N-Strike Elite Strongarm is a single fire and slam fire pistol released in 2013 by Nerf.


The Strongarm is used mostly by Danny in most GunvsGun episodes on Youtube. His brother, Tommy also sometimes uses the Strongarm in some episodes.

Nerf Elite Strongarm
Introduced & Produced: 2013
Manufacturer: Nerf
Ammunition Type: Elite Darts
Feed System: 6 Round Cylinder
Type: Pistol
Secondary Fire: none
Accessories: Explosive Dart
  • Various GunVsGun Episodes

  • TriviaEdit

    • The Strongarm has 3 different firing sounds, one is it's original firing sound ("Strongarm Vs. Maverick Shootout" - "Jolt EX-1 Vs Elite Strongarm Clash"), it's quieter firing sound ("Nerf Blasters Battle | GunVsGun - "Nerf War: MAGNUS vs STRONGARM), to it's current firing sound, which is louder than it's previous firing sound but not as loud as it's first firing sound ("Nerf War: GUN vs GRENADE!" - "Nerf War: NEWBS MUST DIE!")