Nerf Bazooka
Introduced & Produced: Unknown
Manufacturer: Unknown
Ammunition Type: Rockets
Feed System: 3 Round Tube
Type: Rocket Launcher
Secondary Fire: None
Accessories: Foregrip
Appearances: Various Gun vs Gun Episodes

The Nerf Bazooka is an apparently homemade weapon exclusive to GunVsGun. It presumably fires rockets enhanced by GunVsGun's illegal Nerf mod. There exists two variants of it sporting a yellow and orange colour scheme.

Characteristics Edit

The Bazooka is apparently custom-made, and this is supported by the absence of any Nerf logo on the yellow rendition of the Bazooka. Tommy alludes to it being homemade, with the handle looking as if it was "taped on". The Bazooka apparently "holds four missiles at a time so [one doesn't] have to be constantly reloading".


The Bazooka first cameod in "Nerf Backyard Battle - Insane NRF FPS!" where it was used by Danny against Tommy, destroying a chunk of his backyard and a table in the process.

The Bazooka's backstrory is further explained in "Nerf Bazooka!", where Tommy explains Danny's obtaining of it from "some dewd in Chechnya" off eBay. Tommy later unwittingly kills Danny (in his car) by a misfire in a prior scuffle with Danny.

Following this, two identical yellow Bazookas featured in "NERF Bazooka Deathmatch!" as a means to "spice [the battle]

GVG Orange Bazooka

The other Bazooka.

up a little". They simultaneously draw the Bazookas and consequentially results in both their deaths.

In "Nerf Gun Snow Battle", Tommy employs the yellow Bazooka to assassinate Danny, who evades all shots and wins by throwing a hand grenade and killing Tommy in the process.

The Bazooka is also seen in the episodes:

  • Shit Nerf Guns Say
  • Close Combat Nerf War
  • Plank Challenge - Nerf War Edition
  • First Person Nerf Shooter
  • Nerf Guns VS Bad Dad
  • "Rocket Don't Lie" Nerf Wargame
  • NERF WAR: Maverick VS Bazooka
  • NERF Gun vs LEGO Gun
  • Nerf GUN Brutality!!