Christmas Nerf War!
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Posted December 22, 2010
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Episode # 1
Length 4:14
  • Tommy
  • Danny
  • Girl
  • Boy
  • Channel GunVsGun
    The Bloodiest Nerf War EVER! / Christmas Nerf War! is the pilot episode and the original episode that started the epic war between Danny and Tommy on Gun Vs. Gun. It is the first of Gun Vs Gun's series Gun Vs. Gun: Brutal Nerf Wars.

    Plot Edit

    On the night before christmas; it seems all quiet between the two brothers Danny and Tommy. Danny then decides to steal Tommy's chocolate bar out of his stocking and consume it right in front of him; leading to Tommy becoming instantly enraged. Eyeing the presents; both brothers grab the presents in the kids' hands; unwrap them and start an all out gun fight in the house. The gun fight leaves Danny dead via a grenade and Tommy as the victor.

    Video Edit

    Bloodiest Nerf War EVER!

    Bloodiest Nerf War EVER!


    1. Danny: *whistling*
    2. Danny: "Hey Tommy, is this your stocking?"
    3. Tommy: *nods head*
    4. Danny: "Fantastic"

    Nerf War Edit

    1. Tommy & Danny: *unwrapping presents like crazy*
    2. Girl: "That was my present"
    3. Tommy: "Not now, sweetie. I'm trying to kill your daddy"
    4. Girl: "DADDY!"
    5. Danny: "Not now, honey. I'm trying to kill your uncle"
    6. Tommy: "AAAAAAH" *flips table*
    7. Tommy: "Go to your rooms!"
    8. Danny: "Listen to your uncle!"
    9. Danny: "*whispering to himself*. One, two three!"
    10. Tommy: "Merry Christmas, motherfu...."
    11. *explosion and sirens*
    12. Girl: "You killed my daddy!"
    13. Tommy: "He ate my chocolate"